The best day

You have really nice relationship with your girl? You are satisfied together and you think that there is time to start new grade of your common life? It is really not easy decision for someone, but if you are sure, we can congratulate, because you will be certainly happy together. If you think that you cannot assure everything alone, we can help you. We are really experienced professional experts, so we´ll prepare the best propose in Prague . Do you want stay in perfect restaurant, where you know their menu or you would like to try anything complete new? Everything is possible. You can stay on luxury chateau with nice observatory, where you can tell her your plan, your important question. Then you can enjoy special night in luxury place and you´ll have breakfast in price of package.

Special place

We know that everything should be along your plan, so it is fine, when customer give us list of favourite colors, favourite flowers and other decoration, because it is your day! If you let chose of restaurant on us, you can be sure that we´ll choose only concerns that won prices in republic competition.